Sweet corn cakes are one of the more unique delights that can be made from sweet corn. These sweet corn cakes have been around in one form or another since corn was first cultivated as a food crop and they have been an old fashioned comfort food for generations throughout the agricultural areas of the United States. They were made during the depression, a simple staple food when no one was buying the fields of corn farmers had planted. Now it can be a tribute to the legacy of our forefathers and a healthy way to incorporate more fiber and whole grains into our families diets.

Once you’ve made is breakfast for your family they’ll be asking for them again and again. For those who like their pancakes drenched in sticky sweet syrup there’s also a wonderful recipe for an apricot maple syrup that will make this breakfast treat even sweeter. On the other hand, the pancakes themselves could be made into a more robust breakfast by leaving out some of the sugar and adding in a little more salt, topped with salsa and sour cream. Make it your own and make it your family’s go-to breakfast. They can be a great lunch or dinner too!