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It’s hard to resist fresh Sunshine Sweet Corn. Here are some cooking tips to help you get the most out of this tasty grain.

Proper Retail Storage of Sunshine Sweet Corn

The Sunshine Sweet Corn Farmers of Florida are proud to provide a high-quality product from our sweet corn fields to your stores. We want to help our retail partners keep sweet corn looking as high quality on the retail shelf as it does in our fields. The last thing our customers want to see is dried out sweet corn husks!

We share the following tips with our valued retail partners to ensure the best sweet corn is available to customers:

  • Our growers ship a fresh product, and the cold chain is never broken once the sweet corn is received from the field. Breaking that cold chain is where quality defects occur.
  • Sweet corn should always be kept in a cool area and moisture levels must be maintained.
    • Ideal Storage Temp: 33-36 degrees F
    • Ideal Moisture: 95%
  • Ideally, sweet corn would be displayed on a refrigerated shelf or in a frigerated end cap.
  • If sweet corn is displayed on an unrefrigerated end cap or bin, consider rotating it back into a cooler for overnight storage. Rotate the display often to ensure top freshness.
  • If the sweet corn looks dried out on the store floor, please rotate in fresh corn, and use these tips to keep it looking fresh. Once the customer turns away from sweet corn because of quality issues, it is hard to get them back.

Thank you for your consideration of these sweet corn storage tips. Your partnership is essential to our growers’ success and to the enjoyment of all sweet corn lovers!

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Did You Know?

Sunshine Sweet Corn Farmers of Florida produce about 480 million cobs each year.