Grilled Corn Recipes from around the World

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Grown on every continent except for Antarctica, corn is a staple vegetable for just about everyone on the planet. The versatility of corn has allowed different cultures to add their own culinary take on this unique vegetable. No matter what spice or style corn might take on, one preparation technique is consistent across the entire globe and that is the grilling of corn. From grilled corn with sriracha butter in the far east to grilled corn with lime and avocado in South America, every culture loves the taste of grilled corn. Check out the graphic below that features one grilled corn recipe from each continent. Click on a recipe for printable and pinnable version.

Why Grilled Corn?

Grilled corn is easy to prepare and a great way to add flavor to your next cookout. Grilled corn is a delicious treat and is also one of the healthiest ways to prepare food any time of year. Need some grilling and preparation tips? or how about some other great grilled corn recipes?

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