Microwave Sweet Corn

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You know you’ve cooked sweet corn perfectly when each juicy, sweet kernel pops in your mouth. Cooking anything as delicate as sweet corn in the microwave, however, can be tricky. Cook the sweet corn too long and they will either split open or shrivel up into little corn raisins. There are two effective ways to cook sweet corn in the microwave without purchasing any expensive microwave steamer bowls: boiling, and steaming. Following these tips will get you perfect results every time.

Boiling (the easiest way to microwave):

  1. Get a microwave safe bowl, plastic wrap, and water.
  2. To reduce boiling time, use only the amount of water needed to immerse all of the corn.
  3. Loosely cover the bowl with plastic wrap to help the bowl retain most of its heat, while also allowing some of the excess steam to escape from the sides to avoid melting or popping the plastic wrap.
  4. To avoid over cooking the corn, heat the water up in two minute intervals, taking the container out every time to estimate the remaining cooking time.

Steaming (the healthier option, because steaming vegetables helps them retain nutrients):

  1. You will need paper towels, plastic wrap, access to water, and a microwave safe bowl.
  2. Run the paper towels under the sink to make them dripping wet.
  3. Without straining them, place enough at the bottom of the bowl to cover the bottom.
  4. Pour the corn kernels into the bowl and cover them with another layer of moist paper towels.
  5. Then tightly cover the bowl with plastic wrap to hold in as much steam as possible.
  6. Cook in one to two minute intervals until fully heated and enjoy!