Grilling Sweet Corn

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Sweet corn is a healthy and delicious treat that people love to enjoy during the ideal outdoor grilling months of the summer season. Sweet corn is a wonderful addition to virtually any meal, but many people like to enjoy it alongside grilled foods like burgers, brats, chicken, kabobs and more. Grilling sweet corn instead of boiling or roasting corn is a great way to enjoy its flavor and crunch, especially when preparing other foods on the grill.

When grilling sweet corn outdoors, there are three major methods of cooking. Some people like to place corn on the grill in moistened husks. This creates a wonderful steaming effect. Others like to wrap the corn in foil before placing it on the grill. This allows them to coat the corn with butter, oil or seasonings to enhance the grilling process. Finally, many people enjoy putting their corn on the grill in a natural, husked fashion. This process leaves the ears of sweet corn with gorgeously enticing grill marks that add an aesthetically pleasing effect.

Sometimes it isn’t possible to grill outdoors. This doesn’t meant that grilling sweet corn is impossible. In fact, home chefs can use many of the same outdoor grilling techniques with their indoor grill pans. Unfortunately, it is not safe to grill corn indoors using the moistened husk method. However, it is possible to grill the corn in a natural state or wrapped in foil.

Sweet corn is one of the most enjoyable foods to eat, especially when it has been grilled on the cob. Grilling sweet corn can be done in a number of ways, and corn makes a great companion for other popular grilled foods. With the power of grilling, the sweet corn flavor and crunch is enhanced, and home chefs can use virtually any spices or seasonings that they prefer. Whether it’s prepared outdoors or indoors, grilled sweet corn is a delight.

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