Sweet Corn Varieties

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Sunshine Sweet Corn is an exciting new generation of the sweet corn we have come to love. These new varieties contain three to four times more sugar than traditional sweet corn varieties and retain their sugar and flavor for up to two weeks after harvest, when stored correctly.

The fresh taste and excellent storage properties are attributed to the characteristics of the “shrunken 2 gene.” This gene, when isolated, produces sweet corn with a lower starch content and a much higher sugar content, resulting in a product that tastes better, stores longer and can be prepared in minutes.

Sunshine Sweet Corn is grown only in Florida the leading producer of sweet corn in the United States. All sweet corn from Florida belongs to the Supersweet category, with Sunshine Sweet Corn including only premium varieties. Sunshine Sweet varieties are the result of traditional breeding methods, are 100% natural and NOT genetically modified.

When is Florida Supersweet Corn available?

In Florida, corn is planted in stages to ensure a steady supply to the market throughout the fall and winter, with production peaking in April and May.